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PMI Services

PMI Services
Building Perspective

- Owner Representative Services
Site Selection

- Due Diligence
- Acquisition Management
- Consultant Selection and Contracting
- Project Planning
- Design Team Management
- Community/Stakeholder Facilitation
- Entitlements and Approvals Management
- Permitting
- Program Management
- Budget and Cost Management
- Feasability and Financial Planning
- Schedule and Project Management
- Communitcations and Process Management
- Risk Management Insurance Programming
- Quality Control Management
- Project Procurement
- Construction Management
- Project Commissioning Coordination
- Operations Management Interface
- Project Close-Out
- Warranty Program Management
- Customer Service Interface
- Lender Representative Services
Owner Representative Services

Project Management International will act as the owner’s representative during the life cycle of a project, from inception, programming, entitlements, planning and design, through design development, construction documents, bidding, contract negotiations, construction management and close out to final turn over to management or buyers and warranty follow-up. PMI will be the eyes and ears of the owner, managing the OAC team through process, monitoring and managing budget, schedule and quality compliance to assure the successful outcome of each project

Site Selection

PMI will assist our clients in identifying and vetting potential sites for their development projects. We will work with the client in first reviewing their objectives, desired market locations, product characteristics, programming needs, business model and cost parameters to determine the attributes necessary for their particular development and the underlying sites.

Subsequent to this input and analysis, PMI will identify appropriate commercial real estate brokers within the desired market areas and manage their search for potential sites that most nearly match the client’s criteria until a list of available sites can be presented for their consideration.

Once the client has narrowed possible sites, PMI can assist them in negotiating a contract for purchase and manage the due diligence process, entitlements approvals, project planning and initial feasibility studies leading towards a closing.

Due Diligence

Project Management International works with its clients to procure and manage any necessary due diligence studies that may be required to determine the viability of a site for construction of a desired project. This effort may include the commissioning of boundary and topographic surveys, environmental and geotechnical surveys, existing building surveys, cost estimates, initial title inquiries, zoning determinations, entitlements reviews, governmental process requirements, utilities availability and capacity analysis and other issues that would effect the use of the proposed site for the intended development.

Acquisition Management

PMI will represent the client in identifying, vetting and contracting for development sites for their projects including managing the real estate, legal and due diligence team effort leading to the final purchase and closing on each site. Whether a client has an expansion program that involves multiple markets and locations or a single project site need, PMI can manage their site acquisition needs from initiation of the search to closing on each property.

Consultant Selection and Contracting

PMI works with the developer client to identify the consulting needs and scope of each project and identifies, screens and recommends qualified consultants for each discipline required, preparing requests for proposals for each. We work with our clients to interview and narrow to the successful firm in each category, review their proposals to assure compliance with the project scope and negotiate contracts for their services. Our continued experience on multiple projects in a wide variety of typologies and markets gives us the background to identify appropriate and competent professionals capable of successfully executing our clients’ projects.

Project Planning

PMI and its President Stetson Glines have over 35 years experience in the planning, design, development and construction of large, complex commercial real estate projects. This experience allows us to work with our clients to carefully plan each project from initiation to completion. From the outset of site selection, PMI will evaluate the client’s program needs to determine the needs of each project and set out an initial plan for the acquisition and development programming. Feasibility, economics, schedule, entitlements, site and project team planning are all considered as PMI prepares the development plan for each project.

Design Team Management

After assisting the developer in selecting and contracting for the consulting services required for their projects, PMI will manage these consultants through process from the initiation of site planning and schematic design through the design development, construction documents to construction administration. PMI will work with the selected team and contractor to monitor and manage the project design budget, presenting confirming cost estimates using a preconstruction contractor’s input, at major milestones, as the project progresses through to complete construction documents. PMI will also help to establish budgeting for and manage the selection and ultimate installation of FF&E (finishes, fixtures and equipment), working closely with the Interior Designer and Architect to assure compliance with the developer’s budget, scope, criteria and vision for each project.

Community/Stakeholder Facilitation

PMI’s President, Stetson Glines is a certified charrette planner and has conducted workshops, community meetings, presentations, and public outreach programs, often needed to successfully engage the community and major stakeholders in the successful planning, design and approvals of significant projects. PMI facilitates charrettes that bring the developer’s architects and planners together with significant interests from the community, governmental authorities and local stakeholders to increase the awareness of and interest in reaching viable consensus that benefits the project and all involved. PMI also represents the developer where required in public hearings and presentations necessary for the entitlements, planning, zoning, design and permitting approvals.

Entitlements and Approvals Management

PMI acts as the owner’s representative and works with governing authorities to define the site’s existing entitlements, required modifications and the process of approvals to obtain final authorizations for the construction of the developers programmed improvements. PMI will prepare a schedule of the necessary approvals required by governing authorities and manage the applications, required documentation, presentations, hearings and approvals process to obtain the necessary authorizations, keeping the developer advised of progress and issues associated with and required for these approvals.


PMI will act as the owner’s representative in identifying and logging all necessary permits and will manage the submittal of required documents, the tracking of actions by governing authorities and responses required by the developer or consulting team in order to obtain such permits. PMI will manage the permitting process through a recommended permit expediter and with the project consultants and general contractor to obtain all final inputs and documentation required for final project permit approvals for governing authorities. PMI will require the consulting and contracting team to update all permit documents as the project proceeds and to maintain an up to date record of such permits and their status.

Program Management

PMI will act as the developer’s representative in managing their development program from initiation to completion. Starting with the initiation of site and building programming and planning, due, diligence, entitlements approvals and running through team selection, management and the design and construction process, to obtaining the certificate of occupancy, close out and turn over to operations or residents. PMI follows and manages each aspect of the development program, reporting to the developer and involving them in all major issues and decisions.

Budget and Cost Management

PMI works with the design consulting team and either a certified cost estimating consultant or a general contractor in Pre-Construction, to test the project planning and design at each designated milestone to determine any variance with the planned budget and schedule and then determines with that team how to contain any creep through appropriate value engineering, program reductions or budget changes required to bring the project into equilibrium prior to proceeding toward the next milestone. Between milestones, costs of major systems and alternative design applications are compared and determined using both quantitative and qualitative measures, before being incorporated into the project. PMI involves the owner/developer in all major decisions that affect the projects aesthetics and financial performance.

Feasibility and Financial Planning

PMI can identify and help the developer select and manage the appropriate feasibility consultant to study the market to determine the financial viability of the proposed development program. Once initial feasibility has been determined, PMI can manage the project program and design team directions to reflect the recommendations contained within that market study and provide final design and construction cost feedback, so that financial proformas can be initiated and updated. PMI will monitor the budgets associated with these financial proformas and provide updates and cost containment management measures as required to maintain the developer’s project program objectives.

Schedule and Project Management

PMI and its scheduling affiliate work with the owner/developer, consulting team and contractor to build a schedule for the entire duration of the project, starting with the initiation of consulting services. PMI will review all objectives, program requirements, entitlements, planning, design and construction cycles to determine a macro-overview program schedule and then as each phase of the project approaches, build a micro schedule which shows the network of activities, durations and the critical path. As the project progresses and more information and detail become available, PMI and its scheduling affiliate will monitor and update the logic of these schedules and keep the owner/developer advised of any changes.

Communications and Process Management

As the owner’s representative, PMI manages the process and communications among and between the owner and the consulting and contracting team. PMI will monitor and manage the design and construction process for the owner/developer, keeping him advised of issues that require his decisions and actions and that may affect the progress, quality, schedule or budget for the project. From the project’s inception through to completion and close-out, PMI will manage the project team, assuring they are responsive to the owner’s interests and input.

Risk Management/Insurance Programming

PMI will consult and advise the owner/developer on a complete risk management program, including bonding and insurance coverages for their projects. A comprehensive insurance review process is provided under PMI’s management, including recommendations for and monitoring of all coverages by the consulting team and all requirements for statutory, property and casualty insurance during the construction of the project, including the possibility of OCEP, CCEP and customized builders risk programs that often produce substantial savings.

Quality Control Management

Quality Control and Assurance is often only given lip-service by the consulting teams on most projects. PMI institutes and manages a regular quality control review process using a checklist format developed specifically for this task, over many years of experience on multiple projects. Overlays of the site, building plans and engineering disciplines are carefully scrutinized for conflicts, spatial interferences and completeness in these interdisciplinary review sessions, logged, and back-checked to assure that any issues and conflicts uncovered are appropriately addressed and resolved by the responsible consultants. This review also often uncovers unnecessary costs, and value engineering opportunities, but its primary objective is to identify potential errors and omissions in the design and construction documents, before they turn into Requests for Information, Change Orders and headaches in the construction of the project, that might otherwise cause additional risk to the owner.

 Project Procurement

PMI will review the various approaches to procuring construction services for each project and make recommendations regarding the particular methodology that is best suited for each project undertaken. We will screen, identify, interview and recommend appropriate contractors for consideration and assist the owner/developer in narrowing to the particular contractor we believe is best suited to build the project within the budget, schedule and quality parameters determined for each project. PMI will assist the owner/developer and his attorney in the negotiation and drafting of the contract for construction bringing our knowledge of contract language and our exposure to the realities of construction to bear in behalf of the owner.

Construction Management

PMI will oversee and manage the owner’s responsibilities during the term of construction, advising the owner of all major issues, budget and schedule variances, quality concerns and decisions that are required by the owner. PMI will organize and chair regularly scheduled Owner/Architect/Contractor meetings to monitor the contractors progress, outstanding issues and action items needing resolution by the OAC team including requests for information, requests for change orders, change orders, contractor payment requests, testing, inspections, FF&E procurement and installation, permitting and occupancy status, commissioning, close-out, warrantee program and turn over to operations management.

Project Commissioning Coordination

PMI will coordinate and monitor required pre-operational testing of systems, monitor the procurement and installation of Furniture Fixtures and Equipment, plan for the occupancy of the facilities as required, oversee the implementation of the warranty work by the contractors and suppliers and assist in formulating a plan for operation and maintenance of all plant and equipment.

Operations Management Interface

During the programming and design phases of each project, PMI will interface with the owner’s operations management group to determine their criteria and work with the consulting team to manage its inclusion in the project design, construction documents, FF&E programming and procurement. PMI will review the design with operations to determine the accuracy and completeness of the design and engineering responses to their criteria and advise the owner of any adverse influence on cost or schedule. During construction, PMI will maintain communication with operations management, work with them to plan for their move-in and occupancy of the facilities and respond to any issues that arise during this phase of the project. PMI will also assist management in formulating training for and operational maintenance of all facilities and equipment.

Project Close-Out

Approaching the completion of the project, PMI will meet more regularly with the OAC team to formulate a plan for close-out, including obtaining the certificate of occupancy and all operational licenses that may be required. PMI will monitor the close-out plan; assist in punch listing the project and managing the review and correction of all items identified. Subsequent to substantial completion and move-in, PMI will continue to monitor all outstanding punch list and warranty items, advise the owner of any deficiencies and consult on all outstanding requests for change order, claims, payment requests or issues needing resolution between the owner and the contractor or consultants.

Warranty Program Management

During the close-out of the project, PMI will meet with the contractor and necessary suppliers to instigate the submittal of all warranty and operational documents and manuals required under the contract documents or related to any plant and equipment purchased and installed in the project. Subsequent to the receipt of these warranty documents and the issuance of the certificate of substantial completion by the architect, PMI will work with the owner’s maintenance manager and contractor, to establish a schedule of all warrantees, their durations and associated required maintenance and service.

Customer Service Interface

When engaged for project management services on condominium projects, PMI offers customer service interface, in behalf of our clients. We can conduct pre-closing walk-throughs and punch listing, warranty follow-up and assure that the contractor or appropriate service or equipment providers are scheduled to resolve any outstanding customer issues. PMI will log and track all customer inquiries, complaints and requests for warranty service and communicate with the owner regarding outstanding issues that remain unresolved.

Lender Representative Services

PMI provides lender representation services, including providing initial evaluation and recommendations regarding the integrity of the proposed project design team, their documents and the selected contractor(s) capabilities to execute the construction. We will review the contract, assist in the underwriting process and regularly observe the construction progress, quality, construction draws and recommend funding amounts, report, advise and consult to the lender on these and other issues associated with the project.

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